MSA Current Rates






1.10% 1.10% APY


1.74% 1.75% APY
5 YR CD 2.04% 2.05% APY
48 Month
Auto Loan
4.00%  4.39% APR

  * APR (Annual Percentage Rate) refers to loan products and APY (Annual Percentage Yield) refers to deposit products.  Click here for explanation of terms used to calculate APR.  All rates are subject to change at any time.

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Welcome to Mutual Savings Association

Mutual Savings Needs Your Proxy!

Mutual Savings is working on a drive to gather Proxies from it's members for a special meeting that will be held on August 2nd.

The purpose of this special meeting is a vote to move MSA back to a Kansas charter.
  In 1993, changes in Kansas statutes forced MSA to convert to a federal charter.  This year the Kansas legislature updated the state's bank statutes to allow us to move back to a Kansas charter.  But we need your help.  If you have deposits at MSA we need you to assign your limited revocable proxy votes to the Board of Directors for this very important event.

You can give us your proxy one of 4 ways.

1.  A letter will be mailed to you...please sign and return the proxy in the self addressed and postage paid envelope.
2.  Fax to 913-758-4436 or email your proxy to  (If you opt to email...please omit your SS# and we will add that for you when we receive it.)
3.  Stop by any of our branches and we have proxy forms available for you to execute right away.
4.  Go to our 
Proxy Election online site where you can assign your proxy to us electronically in seconds.

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